What is a Work and Development Order (WDO)?

Work and Development Orders (WDOs) are a way to help people who can’t pay their fines.
People who are eligible for a WDO can clear their fines with approved activities instead of money.

You may be unable to pay a Revenue NSW fine or overdue fine/s due to:

  • mental illness, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment
  • addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances
  • homelessness
  • extreme financial hardship.

In these cases you may be eligible for a WDO instead of a payment plan.


Revenue NSW – WDO Hotline 1300 478 879

How a WDO works

If you’re eligible for a WDO, you can pay off or reduce a fine by:

When your application for a Work and Development Order (WDO) is approved, you will:

  • and agree with your WDO Sponsor about the activities you will complete to pay off all or part of the fine or penalty

Under a WDO, both you and your WDO Sponsor must agree to our terms and conditions. Following are some of the more important rules you need to know.

Find a WDO Sponsor

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The benefits of WDOs

A WDO can help people who are finding it hard to clear a government debt to make a fresh start.

Watch these Legal Aid NSW videos below to learn about how WDOs have helped people pay their fines and move on with their lives.

Case workers and customers share their experiences.
People from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background talk about positive outcomes.