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After 8 1/2 years Chaplain Stu has now resigned from Break the Cycle Glenquarie in September 2020 the videos below are a record of some of his work…

Break the Cycle Glenquarie promo 2018

Rt. Rev. Peter Hayward (Bishop of Wollongong Region): “Community Chaplains have the opportunity of reaching into segments of our community life” (May 2018)

Rev. Joe Wiltshire (Senior Minister Ingleburn with Glenquarie Anglican Churches: “Stu is a unique guy with a unique ministry” (May 2018)

Rev. David Pettett: Chaplaincy is “creating spaces and events…were people can come into a Christian environment and not be judged, but be welcomed” (Sept 2017)

Rt. Rev. Peter Lin (Bishop Georges River Region): “Community Chaplaincy…Absolutely vital” (Sept 2017)

Rev. David Ould: “Chaplaincy…provides a solid link into the local church” (Sept 2017)

Sorted! “Changing from your old ways to a new way of living” (Jan. 2017)

St Luke’s Annual Car and Bike Show – Sharing the good news to the crowd (Sept. 2012)

Moore Review – having a laugh at Moore College’s over the top promotion “…edgy…different” (2010)

From the archives – New student “Stu” interviewed at Moore College (2010)

Prison Chaplains - ABC TV