Robert’s Story: “About 5 years ago decided to change my life” October 2020
Chris’s story part 2 (Life After Prison event): “I decided to snap out of it and plug back in again” (June 2020)
Chris’s story Part 1: “I never really had anyone to teach me to be a law abiding citizen…” (December 2017)
Fred’s story: “Don’t give up, God is real put your trust in Him” (May 2019)
Robert’s story: “Without the [Sorted] course I don’t think that I’d be where I am today” (December 2019)
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Anthony’s story #2: St Luke’s Liverpool Fundraiser “I was on the edge of the flock and the wolves were just picking me off…” (Oct 2018)
Marlon’s story: “My life turned from bad to good…” (June 2018)
Bryson’s story: “If you cant respect yourself, you can’t respect anyone else” (July 2016)