SWEATCON 2020-Bible teaching and training conference for the South-West JANUARY 14-17

17/01/2020 | 00:00 - 00:00
Place : Thomas Hassall Anglican College: 125 Kingsford Smith Avenue, Middleton Grange
Cost : Day sessions cost $120-$130 / Evening sessions are Free
Phone : Tim Booker 9632 8545 / Peter Lin 9265 1573
Email : admin@sweat.org.au

Free evening talks from 730pm open to all

Why not join us for great bible teaching?
Each year the SWEATCON team puts on a great 4 days of solid bible teaching.

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SWEATCON is a training conference in the South-West (SW) of Sydney.

The conference seeks to train up leaders and future leaders in the churches of the SW.
It also seeks to encourage people in their ministries and to stay in the SW for the sake of the Gospel. It’s suitable for church leaders, Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, scripture teachers, youth leaders – young or old, male or female – basically anyone who is serving God’s people.