Chris’s Story: “I never really had anyone to teach me to be a law abiding citizen…” (December 2017)

Melissa’s Story: “You can’t contribute anything healthy to anybody else if you are not in the right state yourself” (July 2017)

Bryson’s Story: “If you cant respect yourself, you can’t respect anyone else” (July 2017)

Sorted! for men - Feedback

“Stuart made my life easy. Now I am now talking to my family. Now I am seeing my son.

I am not doing drugs. Not F***ing around with my life”

Sorted! Client 4

“I’d recommend Sorted! Stuart to anybody that is dealing with life’s problems, to give it ago it really does help as it has for me.

It has helped me so much in my thinking and I use Sorted! and Stuart’s words in my everyday tasks, it also helps me to stay open minded towards other peoples feelings.

Very big thanks to Stuart, keep up the good work.”

Sorted! Client 3

“This course (Sorted!) has changed my life and I will tell anyone who needs help”

Sorted! Client 2

“Getting my good attitude back, the want to help others again.

“open my eyes to recognise that I’ve still got good qualities”

“gave me faith and hope again”

“to understand relationships heaps better”

Sorted! Client 1